• CHRISTMAS: the favorite time of year to remember the lights; the smells; the fake or real tree; the smell of home after work; grandma's cookies; family; the exchange of gifts; the pageantry of school and church musicals...
  • DESCRIPTION OF GOD'S "GIFT" OF SALVATION (being saved) TO YOU (and all in the world):

  • Parents: continue to secretly pray for your children and family members' salvation--only God can change the heart--not man-made instruction manuals

  • Children: even if you resent all the religion you believe is being forced upon you, be grateful for Godly parents who care and love you enough to want to see you join them in Heaven

  • God's gift of Salvation is not inherited and cannot be earned or worked for--it requires you believe, trust and have faith--with your heart, not just mouth--in God and His Son Jesus Christ

  • Effectual change is brought about in people through only two events:
  • 2 Corinthians 6:2 and John 3:3 and Romans 10:13: So have you accepted the one Christmas gift that literally matters more than anything in the world? Don't wait for Christmas day--accept God's gift of salvation today and be "Born Again"