• Today more than ever, there are handicaps for almost everything. Alcoholism is considered an illness, sickness ... a handicap. And there's a pill or a book to read to cure almost every handicap or problem one may have today! (Just look in a Christian bookstore, for example, of how many books are available on how to cure a certain ailment.)
    ...And by the way--the cure to the "sickness" alcoholism is NOT TO PICK THE BOTTLE UP AT ALL!

  • 2 Corinthians 12:4: We see here the Apostle Paul receiving visions from the Father. To put the opening scripture in context, read this verse.

  • #1/5: RECIPIENT OF handicap
  • #2/5: SOURCE OF INFIRMITY (handicap)
  • #3/5: REACTION TO handicap
  • #4/5: EXPLANATION OF handicap
  • #5/5: CONQUERING THAT handicap
  • We all have mental, spiritual, physical, and financial handicaps. The question is: how do you deal with yours?