• Studying this epistle (the entire book--all 6 chapters) will
  • Remember that good works to others doesn't get us into heaven. It has to be by faith and belief in GOD AND his Son Jesus Christ.

  • We're saved by the finished work of Jesus Christ--not by our own good works (Isaiah 64:6).

  • All cultists and those who have their own religion have a common theme that you must perform some type of work to get to heaven (i.e., those who say you have to observe the Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday, or you have to speak a certain tongue to be a church member).

  • As we've seen in previous Wednesdays, Paul is personally under attack. He's being called a crook and a hypocrite because he is no longer practicing the laws he grew up believing and doing.
  • Therefore, this book of the Bible is written because Paul had to defend his teachings and actions.

  • Galatians 2:1-10:
  • Proceed carefully through these next few bullets
  • The book of Acts can be considered either a book of the actions of disciples or actions of Holy Spirit thru disciples. It's more historical than doctrinal.

  • Acts 11:27-30: Why doesn't Paul include this in his Galatians synopsis? Remember--because Paul's purpose at Galatia was to defend his apostleship and his message of the Gospel of the Grace of GOD.

  • Galatians 2:1: The purpose of going to Jerusalem was to combat false doctrine that crept in to Antioch.


    To be continued...