• Exodus 17:9-12: Many of us are familiar with the story of Moses, Aaron, and Hur and their battle with Amalek. As Moses kept his staff above his head, his team would win the battle. As Moses got weak, he needed help to keep his staff above his head.

  • In church, there are 1st liners and 2nd liners.

  • Moses held a very important leadership role--a 1st liner position--just like a king, president, sheriff, governor, or a preacher. But what good is a...
  • It takes more than one man to make it happen. It takes a TEAM (Together We Achieve More). And team members are primarily the "second line."

  • Sure... first liners like the pastor get all the prestige, honor, glory and receive (sometimes too many) accolades. But remember we serve the King of Kings not the pastor:
  • There is no honor to magnify without the second line. What is a...
  • Exodus 17:9-12: In this story, Moses had help from Aaron and Hur.
  • TESTIMONY (True story): One day, a very wealthy, Muslim, 65 year old man named Mr. Hussein was walking down the street. As he passed a local church, the 8 year old son of the pastor said, "Excuse me, mister, but my daddy is starting church in a few minutes and you're invited to attend." Mr. Hussein stopped and went in the church. He sat through 15 minutes of the sermon and got up and left. However, about 20 minutes later he had returned to hear the rest of the sermon. Turns out that 20 minute period he left the church was to go pray in the traditional Muslim style.

    As time went on, Mr. Hussein stayed. He listened to prayer sermons and even went on the church hayride. Imagine this 65 year old wealthy man dressed in a cashmere suit with a silver tie was having a ball throwing hay around! And after two and a half years, the church finally won the Muslim's heart and Mr. Hussein was saved

    ... and all to the credit of the unspoken hero--the second line--that eight year old son of the pastor.

  • There are qualifications to being a second liner:
  • We are all part of the body of Christ--both first and second liners.

  • What it means to "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING"
  • It takes "grit" to be the second liner
  • TESTIMONY (True story): 12 years ago, there was a 34 year old man with long hair who had a severe stroke that prevented him from driving. He had a severe left foot drag when he walked and he lived for beer and cigarettes. As Pastor Boulton kept trying to reach him at home with God's word, the man continually refused.

    Finally, as Pastor Boulton was preaching a service one day, he heard the sound of a foot dragging down the aisle. Pastor looked up and saw the man coming toward him. The man said, "Pastor, I want to get right--right now." Pastor said, "How'd you like the job of church bus driver? We'll get you all the necessary extras put on and a ball for the steering wheel and everything..."

    Within three months, the man became sincerely faithful to God and was the official church bus driver. He has only missed 3 days driving the bus in the last 12 years!

  • True story: General Booth of the Salvation Army attended a Methodist church. This church segregated the men and woman in that the women could not walk on the floor in front of the altar and were confined to lofts above the main floor. General Booth proposed to the church a giving program to help the indigent and the poor. The church responded they don't have an interest in helping those people. At that moment, general Booth's wife shouted from a top in the lofts, "HONEY--WE GOT EACH OTHER AND GOD AND THAT'S ALL WE NEED!!"

    So General Booth and his wife started the giving program themselves. And when he died, police didn't carry rifles next to his casket. They carried mops. They carried mops because of all the tears of those who benefited from General Booth's program called the Salvation Army.

    ...mourning and remembrance from the second line (which can be compared to the death of Jesus--we are that second line).

  • Imagine millions of people in a bottomless well holding on to the end of a rope from the top of the well. Faith Promise Missions giving is holding that rope. Those hands holding the rope are hands folded in prayer--us.

    ...don't let go. Support your Faith Promise missionaries!