• INTRODUCTION: A local T.V. news station reporter was skeptical of a man who came to town, claiming he could miraculously heal people of diseases so he went to one of the man's gatherings. In the large auditorium that night, the man "healed" many people of their incurable diseases however almost all of them died within weeks. The "healer" claimed they died because they didn't have enough faith

  • Today, many people believe that the definition of a blessing is to be healed or to get their wish--like a new Corvette

  • Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chap.1-7) was difficult at best to give to the people. But we learn that Jesus' description of a blessing is when God does something through us.

  • The definition of blessing, according to scripture, is not so much when "things work out" in your favor or when you get what you want or are happy or being rewarded for obedience.

  • Blessings do not come when we feel we deserve them or are owed them
  • Let's examine the first few lines of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount:

  • While it is nice to drive a new car, buy a new home, or live life that goes your way, remember that's all temporary and does not help you earn the treasure to be stored in Heaven that will never de-value and last for eternity: blessings.