• A "calling" means, in the spiritual sense, what we--each of us--are called to be or do in life (for God). We're either:
  • Servants and ministers are both called to be by God.
  • Servant (minister)
  • Steward (manager)
  • Jesus died for our sins so that all we have to do to be saved from hell is to believe in Him. This is called grace. Then on top of being saved, God gave each of us a "gift." This gift is your trade in life--whether it be an engineer, scientist, church missionary, etc. Like Quik added to milk to make it chocolate, you must constantly be in your trade--be stirred up. Else, you'll settle to the bottom and you'll just have milk.

  • Ephesians 3:7-8: By what authority are we called? By the gift of the grace of GOD
  • Paul was given the power to preach the "unsearchable mysteries of Christ" to the lowliest of Christians. This message is for all--not just those who are saved and obey but especially for those unsaved.

  • The bible says we're called to be His ambassadors. Don't ambassadors have a certain high level of pride/respect for their respective country? We should treat GOD the same way--we're ambassadors of Heaven.

  • 1 Peter 4:10: We're called to be managers and ministers of Jesus Christ--and as such, we ought to be faithful in that.