• Mark 10:18: Before you make a prayer, know who you're talking to. In this scripture, Jesus Christ is not denying he is not good, but He wants the rich man to make sure he knows who he's calling "good"--Jesus who is virgin born, sinless, spotless, and resurrected.

  • Mark 10:19: Of the Ten Commandments, Jesus instructs the man in only the last six because Jesus knew the man's heart.
  • Mark 10:17-27: The story here is this rich man had great possessions which he believed he acquired from his righteousness, he good works, morality, and goodness.

  • Matthew 19:16-26: This is the companion story from the previous book of the Bible. (It's good to compare scripture)

  • Mark 10:20-22: Jesus gave this man the opportunity to prove his claim he's followed the last six Commandments from his youth. But the man went away sad. Thus, Jesus proved how much of a sinner this man really was. You can never earn your salvation through wealth, prosperity, or reputation.
  • The Ten Commandments were given to us not to save us by following them (the law) but to show us how exceedingly sinful we are when we break the law.

  • Mark 10:23: Why is it so difficult for the rich to enter heaven? Because with all the riches and satisfaction from riches the rich have, why would they get excited about a mansion being built for them in heaven when they live in one now? Rich men trust in their own wealth, riches, and self-righteousness.

  • Mark 10:24: The disciples "were astonished" by this because they believed riches were a blessing.

  • There is a distinction between owning riches and being possessed by riches. It's hard to find someone who's rich with physical prosperity and not lean on it.
  • Remember Jesus didn't have a good life in earth, even from His beginning. He was a carpenter who built things and had a master. Jesus paid his taxes by fishing.

  • Jesus had three looks:

  • Two famous founders:
  • You have to make a choice today--like the rich man did. And like the rich men of the world today, they will sadly turn and walk away from the church because they trust in and don't want to part with their worldly riches.

  • 1 Timothy 2:3-5: Jesus Christ is the provision to make our saving (which GOD finds "good and acceptable") possible. Therefore, if you die and go to hell, it's not because no one died for you but rather you refused the saving grace.
  • 2 Corinthians 5:14-15: Jesus "died for all" because we're all born spiritually dead.