• 2 Corinthians 8:7: Giving is grace.
  • Giving is made up of three components:

  • TESTIMONY (True story): Russell Cromwell was the pastor of a church in Philadelphia in the early 1900s (back when people were eager for church). One day, as people were filing in, a little homeless girl stood at the side, crying. For there was no room for her to go to the children's Sunday School. As Russell found her, he took her in and made room for her at the school. That night, as the girl lay in her bed, she was so excited about the prospect of having all children go to Sunday School, she began the process of saving her money to build a bigger Sunday school.

    Two weeks later, the little girl was found dead with a tiny, red, plastic purse on her. In the purse was 57 cents and a note saying the money was to go toward the building of a bigger church. Pastor Cromwell was so moved by this gesture, he took the note and the money to the pulpit and challenged all the deacons to get moving on this initiative to build a bigger church.

    The end result: Good Samaritan hospital/church/university that stands in Philadelphia today.
    So the moral of the story is: Little is much if God is in it.

    There was a carpenter shop The tools in the shop were having a fellowship meeting Brother hammer was leading the singing

    Suddenly one of the other tools rose and said, "I don't like the way brother hammer is leading the music he is making too much noise--he must go."

    Brother hammer got mad and said, "If I have to go then brother nail must go you have to hit him on the head to get him to do anything around here!"

    Brother nail got mad and said, "If I go then brother screw must go you have to turn him around and around to get him to serve God!"

    Brother screw got mad and said, "If I must go then brother handsaw must go he's always very cutting and going against the grain around here!"

    Brother handsaw got mad and said, "If I must go then brother sandpaper must go he's the roughest one of the bunch!"

    Then brother sandpaper got up and said, "If I must go then brother ruler must go he's the only one who thinks he's right around here!"

    So all tools were arguing about who's right and who must go when in walked the master carpenter. He gathered up the tools together and with grace and power he built a pulpit where the gospel could be preached all over the world.
    Isn't that what we're going here?
    Preaching the gospel of God all over the world?
    Trying to keep souls out of hell?
    ...casting our bread upon the water?
    So that it will return to us in many days...