• Psalm 37:3: Do two things for the Lord and He will do two things for you. These are the four things that will get you through life--happily.
  • Psalm 37:4: God knows the desires and wishes of our heart. He will grant yours if delight in the Lord.

  • The Lord wants us to be delighted and joyful in His law and in the bible. Some folks in other countries are starving--not just for food but some people in China would give a year's pay to get a portion of the bible we have for free.
  • Why stop at bringing the bible back in schools? We need to put it back in the home. If our children don't see us in the bible, they'll grow without care or delight for the Lord or his Word.

  • Some say "ignorance is bliss" but since we have the Word of God to lead us, we have no excuse not to be informed and learned of the Word.

  • What's the use in delighting in the Lord? Because the Lord saves, restores life to those suicidal with life, and He blesses and provides for us.

  • Psalm 37:5: Committing, in this verse, is to leave 100% your cares and issues with Him--and God shall deal with it in His own way. Once you leave it with the Lord, don't put your hands back on it. Just leave it to Him.
  • Psalm 37:7 which leads to John 14:3. Through all, remember that no matter how bad this world gets, God is still in control.

  • "Rest" in the Lord and you will find there is a little heaven here on earth.