• It is easy to do things in life that is out of your sense of duty. We acquire food, eat, go to work, use work money to buy stuff, come home, sleep, get up, go to work... To many, this can become a boring and repetitive cycle.
  • Why do we do what we do when we do it?
  • When these things are done out of the motivation of love, it makes you not only wish to do it but you'll do/give until it hurts ... and then some.
  • If you love, you will:
  • 2 Corinthians 5:14: "constraineth us" means the love that Christ has for us. We love like He loves (if you're saved).
  • When you're not saved, or claim to be saved but really not, coming to church will be a drudgery; Singing in church will be a drudgery... but when you love (with Christ's love), you'll want to do everything that a church does--and do it happily and joyfully.

  • 2 Corinthians 5:15:
  • If we live our life in the Lord's love, life will not be a drudgery

  • If you get cut off while driving, and you find out it's your brother/sister in Christ, you will not be upset

  • (It's interesting to note that the first four of the 10 Commandments are directed to God while the last six regard how we should treat all people)

  • If children love their parents, they will be a joy to their parents and obey their parents

  • The benchmark of a Christian is love. Love will cause us to serve Him and each other. Love eliminates the possibility of committing so many sins

  • In life, you get up, go to work, buy things, eat, go to sleep, get up for work, etc... It's an endless cycle that involves church as part of that drudgery. Everything done is only out of a sense of duty and responsibility. Everything, including the love for your family grows stale ... stagnant.

    But put the love and living for Christ into your cycle and you'll live differently.

  • You should think: God loves that person next to me. He died for that person. Therefore, I should love that person, too.

  • True story: When Pastor Byrd was stationed in Germany, he met a man who never liked anyone and made sure everyone knew it. He was a master sergeant who never spoke. Every day for four years, pastor swallowed his pride and cheerfully said, "Good morning, sergeant!" And every reply was greeted with silence. But finally, one day on that fourth year, pastor said, "Good morning, sergeant!" and the master sergeant said, "Good morning By--Byrd?" and ran into his office.
    ...If you love, it'll make a difference.

  • Let us live our life with the love of God because He first loved us.

  • 1 Corinthians 13:1-8: In all we do and give--our money, our tithes, our bodies to be burned... means nothing without the charity of love. If we put away our pride and replace it with love, then being charitable and giving won't be a problem-- and giving with love is a credit that is accepted by God.