• Acts 13:44: Read this verse and then consider this: How many times do we try every week to get Americans to go to church every Sunday? Those who choose not to go to church judge themselves unworthy to attend. Just as Paul and Barnabas offered salvation to the Gentiles (the rest of the world) because God's chosen people, the Jews, were not interested, U.S. missionaries are turning to people who are hungry for the Word and will hear it--the Chinese, Mongolians, etc.

  • Acts 13:47: God isn't just talking to Paul and Barnabas. This is a charge for all man that we should be a light to a dark and lost world.

  • Isaiah 49:6: Again, the Lord said he will provide the light that we may shine (take the Word of God) "to the ends of the earth."

  • Ask yourself--when's the last time you were persecuted with a rock thrown at you or a stoning? Chances are you've never been persecuted that bad for being a bible-believing Christian.

  • Ask yourself--when's the last time you felt overwhelmed and filled with the Holy Spirit? Perhaps we don't know such a level of joy because we don't know the suffering. How does that make sense? Recall in Acts 13:52, as a result of being persecuted and expelled from their area, Paul and Barnabas were "filled with joy, and with the Holy Ghost."

  • Preaching the Word of God in a nice, plush, air conditioned church building is totally opposite from doing the same in a stank smelling, dirty market place where the fresh meat of the day hangs in the market with flies and foreign speaking natives talk to you.

  • We enjoy and have become accustomed to the comforts of air conditioning, western flush toilets, respect from peers, television, etc. But can you really experience joy by suffering? The answer is yes. Consider these two examples:
  • Just like Paul and Barnabas who found joy in suffering for Witnessing, the come-down-to-it question is: will you?