• INTRODUCTION: A covenant is to be an unbreakable agreement between you and God in which God follows through on His promises to you while you are to live the lifestyle and follow the commands God dictates. However, while God has always kept his half of His covenants with man, man has always broken his. In today's world of pleasures, convenience, technology and entertainment, we must be reminded of the seriousness of 100% commitment required in your relationship with God

    Case in point: God's promise to deliver the land of Canaan to the people of Israel, in return for their obedience and allegiance to God:
  • God sees His people (those saved) as a "covenant people"--a people blessed by God's promises while the people carry out their responsibilities designated by God in the covenant
  • We are living in non-conventional age
  • Joshua 24:14-24: Joshua reminds the people of their serious and sober responsibilities to God; he charges people to "fear the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in truth"
  • Sad, new ideas are described in today's spiritual literature on how to acquire and maintain a "happy church family":
  • Joshua 24:19: Joshua makes it clear that your obedience to God does not outweigh or forfeit your disobedience; In other words, God will not hesitate to immediately take away what He has blessed you with
  • Revelation 2-3: The prophet John's warning to the churches in Revelation was, in effect, "if you don't live in God's obedience, you won't be a church anymore"; The churches of Asia, that no longer exist today, are examples of not heeding this

  • Our covenant w/God is a serious relationship that carries life-impacting responsibilities
  • Today's changing church literature and obligations are designed as ways to thwart our constant duties and responsibilities to the Church and God

  • Today's changing church doctrine gives tolerance to what God outlaws and defines more ways to enter Heaven than one