• The growth of our church is proportional to the amount of the gospel it preaches. If few preach (i.e., the pastor and a few of the truly faithful) then few will be saved. If many preach (every church member says something to someone they are related OR NOT RELATED TO), many will come and may be saved!

  • Romans 1:16: God discriminates against NO ONE. He loves everyone on earth.

  • A lot of peer pressure is pushed on teenagers today, but what about the adults? 90% of those saved do not tell about Jesus Christ to others (especially people they don't know) because they're either embarrassed or ashamed.

  • 2 Tim 1:7: Fear is not a trait or personality we inherit. So we cannot blame our failure to witness on anyone but ourselves. God doesn't expect us all to be as bold as a pastor because not everyone is called to be one. Your pastor and God both know some people are timid and others are outgoing. However, God does expect you to display the traits in this verse.

  • God's will is that our temperament not control us but the Holy Spirit control our temperament.

  • If you're saved, Jesus Christ wants you to be a witness and not ashamed of Him.
  • God's business of saving souls has been turned over to us. We give the word, the Lord works in that person's heart or causes an event to sober that person spiritually, and, Lord's will being, that person will look to be saved.

  • If you let God use you in His way, you won't live in fear.

  • Your reputation means very little, on earth. Jesus Christ was God come to earth in the flesh but He made no reputation for Himself. So be not ashamed of Christ and have no reputation that sets you apart from Jesus.

    The result will be more preaching, and more people being saved!