• When we literally walk, we move from one place to another. Spiritually speaking, Christians should be making a walking (growing) progress "in the footsteps of the Lord."

  • If you're saved, you're a saint in Christ ... unlike some churches where you have to be voted into sainthood based on the power of a testimony. Praise the Good Lord we don't have to be recognized by man to be a saint.

  • We are called into vocation. Our purpose in life is to walk like God. God became your Father--your parent--when you were saved. It takes power of the Holy Spirit to "walk with God."

  • Characteristics of the Christian Walk
  • Ephesians 4:2: One of the hardest jobs is to work with people ... as opposed to broken equipment that cannot talk back to you. If you ask a lawnmower why it won't work, it will say (not literally), "I'm out of gas." But if you ask a non-believer what their problem is, they'll come back, "Who are you to tell me I'm not living right!?"
  • Galatians 5:16: This verse doesn't say we won't have the temptation, rather we won't do it IF we're walking in the Spirit.

  • What the Spirit is
  • Genesis 17:1: We are commanded to walk in the Newness of Life before God.

  • There's a worthy walk and a wicked walk.