• It is to our shame when one without the truth (a book or some evidence) is more motivated and sure of their beliefs to go out and preach them and church members, who have the truth, cannot or will not (i.e. Jehovah's witness door-knocking).

  • Is it to our shame when the church has to ask and recruit members to perform basic services because church members do not volunteer (i.e. monthly church cleaning).

  • Convictions set our conscience to separate ourselves from certain people and things of this world

  • As mentioned before, it bears repeating that there are things worth dying for and killing for in this world.\

  • What will give us a Godly conscience?
  • HOW to acquire a Godly conscience
  • Precepts and principals of God--some of the Ten Commandments
  • Your convictions should be biblical; above your country and your heritage.

  • In order to betray Jesus Christ to the cross, man got together to look for someone on the inside. Judas, one of the disciples, was a known thief, and he betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver which later he did not want. Some things are worth dying for, while other things to die for are not worth a dime.