• Today, the greatest need in the church (and in the world) is, very simply, that we obey GOD.
  • Leviticus 19:27-28: Today, especially around Easter time (symbolic to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and not the Easter bunny), people believe they're serving GOD and doing His will when they try and identify with Jesus Christ by self-crucifixion (hanging themselves on the cross until almost death), flogging themselves, and piercing their body with rods. GOD does not want us to mutilate or hurt ourselves. To publicly identify with Jesus Christ, all you have to do is be saved and perform a public (in church) water baptism--once. GOD will not forget that--ever.

  • Parents want their children to be blest where they journey but in order for that, the children must obey GOD.

  • When you REALLY, REALLY want to do something, you will find a way to do it. So if we are motivated to do GOD's will, we will not give excuses or be hindered by roadblocks such as geographical boundaries or lack of transportation. If we really, truly love GOD, we'll keep His commandments (John 14:23).
  • Obedience to GOD will prevent us from...
  • Obey GOD, and blessing will overtake you--like a flood.