• Everyone in this world gets dirty--no matter how innocent. Men, women, children, and babies.

  • Psalm 51:5: No matter how good and clean we believe to act and live, this verse reminds us all that everyone is a sinner simply because we're born that way. Therefore, even the most innocent baby is born into sin. "Dirty," in this context, is another way of saying we are sinners.

  • Sin is our nature because we all are born into it. We're born into it because we're descendents of the first sinner--Adam. For example, you're not a liar if you lie; you lie if you're a liar. Read it again slowly and think about how it relates to sin as our nature. It will make sense.

  • Dirty people (all of us) don't need to be talked about or criticized. They need to be cleaned. In other words, we're so quick to point out others' faults we don't first think about "cleaning" them, instead.

  • Even after being saved, you can still get dirty

  • 1 John 1:8: We're not fooling God, but ourselves, if we say we have no sin.

  • Romans 5:12: Translated, this verse means through Adam sin entered the world and is passed unto all men (and women)--for all have sinned.

  • John 13:10: In this verse, Jesus is saying we need to be cleaned even after being saved. "but not all" means that not everyone who claims to be saved is saved. Example: Jesus' disciple Judas Iscariot. Judas was never saved.

  • 1 Corinthians 6:9-11: This tells of the importance of being "washed." All the types of people listed in these verses cannot enter Heaven and be justified by Christ Jesus without being "washed" clean.

  • Hebrews 12:14: Without washing with the blood of Christ, we cannot be made holy. And holy is the only way we can look upon the Lord because the Lord himself is holy.

  • It only takes a tiny bit of smoke (moral impurities) to ruin a good, clean shower (sincere forgiveness of your sins).
  • Many young children don't like baths. Their parents ask them to go take a bath and they fill the tub and splash the water around with their hand--pretending to take one when really they are not. This can be compared to people attending church on Sunday. They attend but do not wish to wash themselves in God's pure Word. They just splash around pretending to be interested and cleaned.


  • John 13:6,8: Just before Jesus' time of Crucifixion, Jesus washed each of His disciples' feet--symbolic of them being washed clean. But Peter refused the washing to which Jesus replied that Peter cannot be with Him in heaven if He cannot wash Peter's feet.

    So ask yourself the same question... will you allow Jesus to wash your feet so that your whole body may be cleansed in His blood? Remember that if you refuse, then you can never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.