• Statistics show there are 13 suicides every 60 seconds ... and the numbers are only going to get worse in the future. When people think life is too much, they easily throw in the towel: drown themselves; blow their brains out; etc.

  • It's tragic for individuals of such great potential, put here by God for a purpose, to go down the drain and die like this.

  • However, there is another way to die (even if you're saved): spiritually. This can be accomplished through drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, and disobeying God your Father.

  • Hosea 13:9: In this context of scripture, God is addressing Israel's SPIRITUAL not PHYSICAL death--without the loss of the soul.

  • Your life is precious to God.
  • Remedy for spiritual suicide
  • Proverbs 28:13: Prosperity will follow a repenting heart as opposed to hiding (which is impossible before God, anyway) your sins--a spiritual suicide.