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Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 4:00 AM
Subject: Mattel markets Barbie for adults
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Mattel markets Barbie for adults

"Lingerie Barbie comes complete with sexy black or pink garters, silk stockings, stiletto heels and other racy accessories."-
December 31, 2002

Mattel is now marketing a new look for Barbie, but they aren't letting little girls in on the latest model. That's because she is dressed for something more suitable in a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Known as "Lingerie Barbie," Mattel says this doll is not for selling to kids, but for purchase by the adult toy consumer.

According to an article by, the current FAO Schwarz holiday catalog lists Mattel's description of the sexy collectible: "Barbie exudes a flirtatious attitude in her heavenly merry widow bustier ensemble accented with intricate lace and matching peek-a-boo peignoir. [She's] simply sassy in a short pearl-gray satin slip trimmed in black lace" and "thigh-high stockings" that "add a hint of flair."

Click Here to see the Lingerie Barbie.

"Mattel is taking an American icon for children and giving her a questionable reputation," says Randy Sharp, director of special projects for American Family Association. "I don't think parents will appreciate the message Mattel is sending to girls. Barbie shouldn't be cast as 'the girl your mother warned you about.'"

Sharp says Mattel is overstepping the line of parental authority with the Barbie line. He said Wal-Mart pulled another controversial Barbie product from their shelves recently, following customer complaints. Barbie's pregnant friend Midge had a trap door on her tummy that expelled a baby when opened. "Mattel should stay out of the 'birds and bees' business and leave adult themes alone."


Tell Mattel to stop using Barbie to promote adult themes to little girls.

Send a letter to Mattel Chairman Robert (Bob) A. Eckert and other executives within the company.

CLICK HERE to send a letter!

Additional contact information:

Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
310-252-2000 tel
(310) 252-2180 fax
800-524-TOYS (800-524-8697)
Email: Chairman Robert (Bob) A. Eckert

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